Friday, July 7, 2006

More zoo pictures... per my stalker, I mean sister, Emily's request. (Only four more weeks until she and Russell get married! I'm actually really excited too, since I get to wear an awesome dress.) Seriously, my new camera is the funnest toy ever. And if you think 'funnest' isn't a word, it's because all my toys are funner than yours.

They finally cleaned the glass at the walrus exhibit so you can actually see underwater now. It's actually one of my favorite exhibits, which is surprising if you know my feelings about the Dolphin Dome. The momma walrus likes to stand on the bottom with her head poking up above the water. I managed to get a shot right when the baby walrus, Nereus, was swimming by. I'm kind of fascinated by the walruses (walrus? walrusi?)... they are so hideous that they actually come full circle and start to be cute again.

4 witty remarks on "More zoo pictures..."

the STALKER *dum dum dum* said...

they are nice pictures. I like them.

I am (hopefully) more excited than you are. I mean, since I'M the one getting married. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

J.D. Hoosier said...

And remember, we must love everyone. And a Lambroghini station wagon awaits Michael Ryan's parents in the afterlife.

8kids4me said...

I'm hoping I get one of those Lamborghini wagons too! Though I didn't have quite as much to deal with as dear Mike's parents, Brother always assured me I was worthy of one.

Joni on 7:42 PM said...

"We must love everyone."

Whooo, I had forgotten about that one.

Also, "Are we men, or are we mice? Are we ladies, or are we lice?"

The funny thing is, I don't remember any actual Latin.


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