Thursday, May 28, 2009

School's Out

That should be "School's out for summer" but it won't actually BE summer for quite a while. And if the weather is anything to go by (60s and drizzly) it's still going to be spring for a good long while. On the other hand, the kids' first day of school will be August 11th so maybe we just observe a slightly different calendar here in Indiana?

Anyway, it's the kids' last day of school today. I guess technically, the last official day was yesterday. Betsy is having Kindergarten Field Day right now and Porter had his preschool picnic, although we left because of the aforementioned rain (although not until after he had a chance to go on the carousel at the park). Their last day of riding the bus was yesterday. Also, Betsy brought home a bunch of school work - her entire art portfolio (And I'd just like to mention how hilarious it is to hear a six-year-old talking about pointillism. She says it's "little dots.") and her second semester writing journal. The kindergarten journals are always a hoot, especially towards the end of the year when she decided to write all of her letters with flourishes and little hearts on them.

This has been a really crazy week, and it's not over yet. Betsy has her dance recital on Saturday night and a dress rehearsal on Friday (when Matt and Porter are going to an Indians game) and it's ALSO the neighborhood garage sale this weekend. Which I guess guarantees that it's going to be bad weather at least until Sunday. I have a HUGE mound of old baby and maternity clothes to get rid of (but don't worry, there's still plenty left should we decide to havea fourth child) and would desperately like to unload at least SOME of it. Matt has to go to Connorsville, wherever that is, on Sunday (he has a stake calling now and he has to travel. I'm trying really hard not to complain because I did say that I would support him) and then we have to get ready to go out of town. Because the weekend after that is Rob and Laura's wedding!

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Anonymous said...

we start school about that same time also, but we get out before Memorial Day.

Joni on 11:32 AM said...

yeah, you probably don't get as many snow days as we do! lucky!

Laura M on 8:38 AM said...


jdhoosier said...

Connorsville is sort of near Richmond, but in the middle of nowhere, with all the action and excitement that that description implies.


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