Monday, May 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Walk

Amy's been able to walk for a while now. She can even stand up without having to pull up on the furniture, which is a pretty impressive feat on its own. However, she still preferred crawling as a means of locomotion... maybe it was easier? Anyway, we figured that one of these days she'd realize she could walk and she'd just take off. Last night, when the missionaries were over, Amy rose gracefully to her feet and just started toddling all over.

I guess this means she's a toddler now and not a baby anymore. SO not ready for that distinction. (And if you're wondering what I'm motivating her with, it's those Gerber freeze dried yogurt bites... which apparently are so addicting for 1-year-olds that they ought to come with a warning label.)

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Anna on 5:36 PM said...

Too cute! :)


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