Sunday, May 3, 2009


My plans for yesterday's National Scrapbook Day were thus:

1. Scrapbook until my fingers fall off;

2. Get prosthetics;

3. Scrap some more.

And other than a brief trip to Meijer for tomato plants, that's pretty much what I did. Here is a brief glimpse of the fruits of my labors:

That's actually several days' worth, since I got into the swing of it sometime on Thursday and kept scrapping up to today while Matt was at stake conference. I'm getting a lot faster at my craft - it used to be I could complete one, maybe two layouts in a day and sometimes I can do four or five. But I really need a chair with some decent back support down there. I've been perched on an El Cheepo Folding Chair for the better part of four days and man, am I feeling it now. The good news is we've got a better chair up here at the computer desk - lucky thing, because it's going to take the rest of the night to get all of those pages scanned.

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susan opel on 11:10 AM said...

GASP! Scrapping and then a jaunt to Meijer?!?! *heaven*

PS - I am getting faster, too. We are both just THAT good.


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