Saturday, December 13, 2008

Now She Is Six

Betsy's lucky: she got to have her birthday party on her actual birthday. And I, being burdened with more ambition than common sense, thought it would be a kickin' idea to throw her a birthday party. You know, with all my spare time and whatnot. Actually, once I was able to scale back my expectations a little bit, I was able to come up with some ideas that were perfectly suited to the attention span of five- and six-year-olds. And I was able to do the whole thing - decorations, invites, goody bags and all - for around fifty bucks. Thank You, Hobby Lobby.

Unfortunately, Matt woke up this morning with the stomach bug that's been making its rounds in our family. Fortunately, both Betsy and I had already had it, so we were able to make do. Of course with my Chief Balloon Blower-Upper we were in danger of having no balloons because I can't blow them up to save my life. (Insert "But you're full of hot air! Ha ha!" joke here.) Fortunately I was able to use the foot pump from one of our million air mattresses, and good thing too, because the balloons were a huge hit. I mean that literally - the girls were all whacking each other gleefully with them. And if you haven't seen seven kindergarteners with their hair standing on end from static, let me tell you, it's something.

Anyway, Betsy was a gracious and charming host/birthday girl and all her little friends were sweet. They played Duck Duck Goose and Pin The Crown On The Princess and had cupcakes with pink frosting and colored princesses (seriously, at this age it's so easy to keep them entertained) and even made a craft. And Porter had a lovely time clomping around the living room in Betsy's new Cinderella slippers.*

*(He is going to kill me for that when he is sixteen.)

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Catherine on 1:39 PM said...

Betsy has such pretty, pretty princes hair! I always wanted pretty princess hair when I was little, but Mom wouldn't let me grow it out. As it happens, when I did finally grow it out, the curls were so tightly-wound that when dry they barely reached past my shoulder blades and just sort of hang there looking stupid, not at all princessy, but...still. Your daughter has very beautiful hairs.

And all her blonde friends are also very...blonde.

Eran of Arcadia on 2:50 PM said...

I hope that you got some pics of Porter in the Cinderella shoes. Those will be valuable leverage against him some day.

flaniedu: The mystic land of Mexican desserts.

mom said...

Yeahhhh, Cath was always mad at me because she wanted Princess Hair. Sleeping Beauty style, if I remember right. She was so sure if I just let it grow, it would be like that. I'm sorry Cath, the Branum genes hit again.

ourmaraz: The off brand of car wax, sold at Big Lots.

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 5:58 PM said...

Well, it sounds like the party was a hit...glad she had fun. And I agree, you should have a picture of Porter in the princess shoes...priceless.

gonsumbo: is a weird form of gumbo..

katorigasuki on 8:54 AM said...

Happy Birthday Betsy!

I'm loving the image of Porter in the "princess slippers."

i hope you got photographic evidence of it.

susan opel on 12:02 PM said...

Happy Birthday, little Miss Betsy! Your mom rocks the party planning!

Kristen on 11:41 AM said...

oh man! I forgot about nursing! shoot!


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