Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mission: Accomplished

Got my kids to sit on Santa's lap without crying.
That doesn't happen often. We had a Breakfast With Santa at the kids' school this morning. It was really nice - a good breakfast, and a lot of crafts, and a visit with Santa and a free photo, and a goody bag, all for $4 a person. The kids had been looking forward to it a lot and I kept telling them it was after my birthday. I think they were in a hurry for my birthday to be over so that it could be Breakfast With Santa Day.
Also, while we were inside the school, approximately 1,364 feet of snow came down. So that's fun.
I got to do some scrapbooking yesterday with my new goodies. This page was really fast - I did it while I was on the phone with Emily - because I scraplifted it from one of my previous layouts. Rather than reinventing the wheel every single time, ya know, like I usually do.

I love love love that picture. One of Matt's coworkers does photography with his wife, and they took pictures about a month ago and we got some free prints to send in our Christmas cards. (Assuming I ever get the Christmas cards sent. Hint: Don't count on it.) Anyway, after we were done torturing the kids they had some time before their next appointment, and I was just playing around with Amy. At least she seems to like having her picture taken. So of course I had to get some prints so I could scrapbook it.

4 witty remarks on "Mission: Accomplished"

susan opel on 11:40 AM said...

I love the layout! So pretty and delicate! What a gorgeous picture, BTW.

And I assume that you were exaggerating the snowfall. I think that you all would be suffocating to death in the metro Indianapolis area. And THAT would not be good.

Joni said...

Susan -

I never exaggerate.

Fatty McSlowslow said...

If I've told you once,
I've told you a million times:
Don't exaggerate.

jdhoosier said...

You're from Western NY. Just because the natives declare a state of emergency every time it gets a little nippy out doesn't mean you need to play along.

I'm sure what you meant was, "We got a few inches of snow, and I judged and condescended to others for their reactions thereto."


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