Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat (mostly treat)

Ahh, Halloween. One of the Candy Holidays and therefore, one of my favorites. The kids wore the same costumes as last year (princess, zebra) and made the same faces when I tried to take their picture. Maybe next year at least one will smile, huh?

Matt worked a day shift so that he could go out with the kids. He actually did one side of the street and then I did the other. We got a pretty good haul, actually. And I made pumpkin soup for dinner - it has something like 900% of your RDA of Vitamin A (even more, because there are carrots pureed into it as well). The soup was quite delicious, especially with tiny chocolate bars for dessert.

The Halloween episode of NCIS was freakin' awesome. Go to the CBS website and watch it, if you haven't already. So much love.

The very next day, I got to take Porter to the pediatrician... he dislocated his elbow again. The same one that he popped out of joint last year. Dr Davis said that it's not super uncommon for little kids to do that - it goes by the colorfully archaic term of "nursemaid's elbow." (He's also had croup. I'm thinking that the plague is next.) And it probably wouldn't have happened if he wasn't doing stupid stuff all of the time. Porter was a little confused... he told me he hurt his Elmo. Which he then extrapolated and told me that he also hurt his Cookie Monster, his Big Bird and his Buzz Lightyear.

Anyway, he's fine now. But he sure was ticked when the doctor was pushing his elbow back into place. The boy was sobbing and in the saddest voice ever he kept saying, "What's the matter, buddy? I sad!"

7 witty remarks on "Trick or Treat (mostly treat)"

Eran of Arcadia on 12:27 PM said...

What kind of awful
mother won't buy new costumes
for her kids each year?

Catherine on 10:54 PM said...

I like your offspring. Keep up the good work!

Emily said...

Poor Porter. How'd he do it this time?

NCIS was awesome! Loved the plague reference.

Candy is good...too bad I didnt have a kid old enough yet. Next year.

susan opel on 7:10 PM said...

Poor dear... Really - that sounds AWFUL!

B and I had some pumpkin soup the other night with peanut butter in it! SUUUUPER yummy!

jdhoosier said...

Note to Eranarc:
Anchors Aweigh! But at least
The Pack won again.

Eran of Arcadia on 6:19 PM said...

It had to happen
eventually, at least our
season isn't ruined.

jdhoosier said...

The triple option
makes average offenses good;
more teams should run it.


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