Sunday, February 4, 2007

Scrapping, sewing, stuff

Okay, first of all how cool is this. I'm going to the 2007 Scrap Etc. Event! Mo generously gave away 5 free spaces and I was lucky enough to be #4. Which not only means a weekend of fun, scrapping, and NO kids... it also means going to Alabama... in March! I've never been a fan of March weather (though it's better here than in NY) so that will be a nice break.

And... I mailed my HOF entry yesterday! I feel pretty good about it. I did my best, it's just up to the judges now (well, okay, and the U.S. Post Office, also).

Since my HOF entry is done and I'm out of photos to scrap anyway, I decided to dedicate a little time to sewing. I'm doing Simplicity 4072 and so far it has lived up to the name 'simplicity' - no buttons, no zippers, no set-in sleeves even (I'm doing the view with the kimono-style bodice). I hope to have it done in time to wear to church next Sunday. I have to say, the sewing is fun, but I REALLY hate cutting out all the pieces... especially those &^$@#%^ notches.

Betsy hasn't been feeling too well this weekend. She seems to have caught a gastrointestinal bug - though it seems to be running the 'intestinal' end of the spectrum. Boy howdy, there was one disappointed little girl in my house this morning when she realized that she wasn't going to Primary. However, I got her to eat some oatmeal by giving her leftover Christmas sprinkles to sprinkle over the top, and that cheered her up a bit. She's taking a nap now, which is a shame because KICKOFF IS IN TEN MINUTES!!!

Yeah, we're just a little excited about the Colts.

4 witty remarks on "Scrapping, sewing, stuff"

Cindy on 10:07 PM said...

Nononono, you shouldn't cut around the's much easier to cut the fabric flush and make a little nip into the fabric. Takes a lot less time.

Carrie said...

How freakin' cool that you got a free pass to SE!!! I'm green with envy!! I guess I need to be on the mb a little more there - I had no clue she was giving out passes. So cool!!! Are you going by your lonesome?

Susan on 7:42 PM said...

The Event - holy crap!

Betsey - poor thing!

Dress - freakin' hot!


Sue on 10:15 AM said...

Good luck on your HOF entry!!

Colts rule!! And they are such great guys!!! What a cool time to live in INDY!!!


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