Friday, February 23, 2007

dear future betsy...

Do you remember February 21, 2007? That was the first day you went to Story Time at the library. Unlike Toddler Time, your mom is expected to drop you off and browse through the magazines in a carefree manner while you read stories and make a craft. I was a little worried, Bets, that you wouldn't like me leaving you there but my concern was needless. You were so thrilled to be with the big kids.

Of course, being your mama, I had to peek on you probably three or four times during the twenty-minute session. And you were doing great, sitting quietly on the floor while the nice lady read you stories about doggies. I wish you could know what you looked like to me, your blonde ponytail coming halfway down your back, the waist of your underpants sticking out of your jeans (it was your first outing without a pull-up, Betsy, did you know that?) and your little blue sneakers pointing out because you put them on the wrong feet. I was so proud of you, Betsy, but a little sad too because I honestly had no idea you'd gotten so big.

I sneakily watched you make your doggy ears project - you colored them red to look like Clifford, which is a favorite of yours right now - and heard your sweet voice chattering away. When it was time to pick you up for real (and time for you to put on your jacket, which you'd insisted on hanging on the little hooks in the back) you probably wondered why I had to hug you so much.

I am going to be a complete basket case when you start school.

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5 witty remarks on "dear future betsy..."

Cindy on 1:16 PM said...

((HUGS)) to you doesn't get any easier. You begin to understand I think?

Love, mom

CarrieF. said...

You're mom is right. It doesn't get easier, but that's why we make such dang good loving mommas!!! :)

I'd say this amazing journaling would be perfect for a scrapbook page of little Betsy! :):)

Joni on 6:16 PM said...

Carrie, you are so right! I even have the perfect paper for it! (You know you must be a scrapper when you start to think everything would be a great page...)

Cindy on 4:37 PM said...

Oh, and what will Miss B wear to school on her first day?

Joni on 4:50 PM said...

Do you even have to ask??!!


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