Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here ya go Mom...

...since I know you like to see my projects.

I'm not in love with the sleeves: the fabric is a bit stiff so they tend to stick out like demented angels' wings. I'm sure there is something I can do about that. I did the topstitching in red, just to be clever - maybe I should have been more humble, because I still can't sew straight, and now everyone knows it. Oh well. I haven't sewn on the ribbon ties - I'll hand stitch them while watching NCIS tonight - and I dispensed with the little bow at the front where the bodice crosses over. They used a thin velvet ribbon; I used some red ribbon left over from the Christmas stockings, and if I tried to tie it in a jaunty little bow I'd end up looking like a present. Not good. I think I'll just tie it in a knot, instead.

Anyway, I'm glad it's done and I'm very happy with this pattern (despite the fact that I did a lousy job folllowing their instructions). I think I'll wear my new blouse to the ward Valentine thing on Friday... the one which was postponed twice because of all the snow. Posted by Picasa

3 witty remarks on "Here ya go Mom..."

Cindy on 9:12 PM said...

It's beautiful!!!! I really love the red accent. Just to let you know, I almost NEVER follow the directions on the pattern.

CarrieF. said...

WOW! Impressive to this sewing dummy.

And hey, that material would SO make the perfect patterned paper!!

Trish said...

Directions??? What are directions?? I do remember your mom even tossing aside the ones for my infamous prom dress! And it turned out AWESOME and even better than what it originally was to be!


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