Monday, November 6, 2006


Emily is a bear. Posted by Picasa

7 witty remarks on "Rrowr."

Fatty McSlowSlow said...

Emily is a bear,
And Russel is a Ranger,
So what is Betsy?

Joni on 11:43 PM said...

A Steak 'n' Shake employee. Can't you tell from the hat?

8kids4me said...

Can Betsy get me a discount on fries?

J.D. hoosier said...

So Russel went to Indy with his wife;
My sister and my niece went to the zoo.

Iambic couplets
Are my preferred posting style;
Now back to my Torts.

Eran of Arcadia said...

What geeks we all are
You blogged in haiku once and
now we all do it.

I think that we should stop this silliness
before we all go crazy or something.

8kids4me said...

"before we all go crazy or something."

tooooooooooooo late!

susan opel on 4:59 PM said...

Emily scares me!
Her growl sets my teeth on edge!
Rescue me please!


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