Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I wasn't kidding...

... about my kids not being photogenic. I was able to tweak the photos a little using Picasa, but I have yet to figure out how to edit a smile onto their little faces. Oh well.

I made two apple pies last night: one to eat now, because pie is good, and one to freeze for Thanksgiving. I was all set to start peeling the apples by hand when I remembered that I bought a Pampered Chef Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer last summer at a garage sale (five bucks). Of course, it's slightly more complicated than a slide rule, but my friend Rachel has used them before and was able to show me how to set it up. And now we have two gorgeous pies - okay, one and a half gorgeous pies - with the crumb topping and everything. My crusts turned out really good, too; I was really on a roll, pastry-wise.

I also got my NCIS Season 2 last night. Way to go Amazon! I had pre-ordered it with free 2 day shipping, but I wasn't expecting to get it until Thursday, because yesterday was the actual official release. Awesome! I started watching the bonus features last night - they talked about SWAK a lot which made me happy, because that's a really good episode.

I'm trying to finish up my design team assignment for this month, but I can't find a brown cat-eye ink pad anywhere. Why is that??!!

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3 witty remarks on "I wasn't kidding..."

8kids4me said...

Oh they are VERY photogenic...they just don't like sitting still very long. Too cute!!

Eran of Arcadia said...

Oh,if you were a better mother they would have been able to sit still.

susan on 6:19 PM said...



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