Saturday, November 11, 2006

Catch-up blogging

So, I fully intended to write actual paragraphs when I uploaded the scary bear pictures, but I totally got distracted. Sorry. Here is a real blog entry, complete with multiple sentences.

Emily and Russell were here from Sunday night until Friday morning. We had a really fun time. On Monday, as you’ve probably seen, we went to the zoo (the weather was really nice that day, except for the rain) and had dinner at Steak ’n Shake. Emily is an SNS-aholic (can you blame her, really?) and Russell had never been before. We all had milkshakes: they have the new holiday flavors in. Yummm… (cue Homer-like drooling noise here)

On Tuesday, I taught ‘Stretch Your Scrapping Dollar’ to 2 people, one of whom was my sister. Oh well. I don’t think I’m going to teach any more classes, even though I’ve been enjoying myself, because it’s a lot of effort to go to for only 1 or 2 people. At any rate, it was a hoot teaching Emily stuff, and I think she really enjoyed shopping afterwards (though Russell may have to kill me for getting his wife addicted). Em got some cool wedding stuff and I picked up two packs of the new American Crafts ‘Thickers’ - they are so cool - I can’t wait to play with them!

Russell cooked lunch for us on Wednesday: hamburgers and fried potatoes with a side of Lipitor. It was soooooo good. Plus, I enjoyed having someone to talk about cooking with (Russell is a regular Martha Stewart, only with more tattoos). I also introduced Emily to the happy place that is Hobby Lobby. They were having a sale on adhesives so I showed her what kinds to buy. And I escaped without any patterned paper, which is a truly impressive feat.

On Thursday, I attempted to take pictures of the kids to send with Christmas cards. Emily was the stylist/wrangler for this photo shoot. They turned out... interesting (I'll post some later, when I finish editing them and everything).

8 witty remarks on "Catch-up blogging"

susan opel on 3:29 PM said...

I'll have a side of Lipitor, please!

Love your "Martha Stewart with more tattoos" comment.

Sisters are good - be on the look out - mine is in the Indianapolis area this weekend!

themacmomma on 12:23 AM said...

You are such a hoot!
Ditto to what Susan said, I'm laughing too!
Glad you had fun with the bear, er uh, your sister! Did she kill you for putting up that photo of her?

Sue on 7:52 AM said...

Hi Joni! Glad you enjoyed your sister time - you've been busy :)

8kids4me said...

the Russman is making supper here for us tonight!! I am so excited to have a break from cooking.

Joni on 3:43 PM said...

Lucky you Mom - make sure he wears his pink frilly apron.

8kids4me said...

funny you should mention aprons. Heidi just got some with a bunch of fabric from one of Jim's aunts. So now I have 5 new(old) aprons! Em took the hot pink one with black ribbing, so now I'm down to four.

Joni on 4:55 PM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joni on 5:20 PM said...

Oh, can I have one, pretty please? I love old school aprons.

Or can I have some fabric to sew my own? Because I've got, you know, the crazy mad sewing skills.


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