Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wedding Weekend, part three: Saturday, Sunday, Monday

It turns out that I'm not the only one Blogger hates, since they have a Known Issue with their photo posting. I guess all of the tech support people are at BiMonSciFiCon.

Needless to say, we all slept in pretty late on Saturday morning.

Once Matt and I finally dragged ourselves out of bed, we abandoned our kids with my mom and went to the Palmyra Temple. (I thought of you black llama!) It's usually pretty hard to get to the temple, because of time constratints and little kids, so we usually take any chance we can get. And I must have been tired-er than I realized, because I wanted to fall asleep real bad! I managed to stay awake, though, and I'm really glad that we went. On the way home we stopped in Palmyra for some ice cream.

That night, we all went out to see Catherine's play. Despite the fact that she's leaving for school in just a few weeks, Cath somehow found time to appear in a community theater production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was outdoors in a park in Webster - they even used the trees as part of the set - which was very classy and the weather was nice. To our surprise, the SSGT. and Mrs. Brown actually came out of hiding to see the play. In the announcements before the start of the play, Cath and one of her friends got the director to announce and congratulate the newlyweds. Emily's reaction: "I'll kill both of them." It was pretty dang funny.


Thanks to my husband, I actually got to see the play, since he took the kids home when they were misbehaved/poopy. It was a really awesome play and Cath did a great job. I especially liked when Hermia jumped on Demetrius' back and started beating him up (although by then it was too dark for my camera to get it).


We went home after the play and I promptly abandoned my husband again to go out with Rob, Kevin, and the cousins. The funny thing was we went to East Ridge Family Restaurant, where I vividly remember going after Crazy for You my senior year. (I gathered that high schoolers and drunks constitute the bulk of their clientele after 10 p.m.) I had a Greek omelet with feta cheese, which I may never be able to eat again, thank you Becca. We sure had a good time - it was really nice not to act like a responsible adult for a little while. Actually, I did a lot of that over the weekend.


I woke up on Sunday at 8:14, for 9:00 church. Oops! We probably would have been up sooner but Dad wasn't there - he left for the airport in the wee hours of the morning, to catch an 8:00 flight to China. We just barely made it to sacrament meeting on time, so Catherine had someone to sit with for the 11.9 minutes we actually got to sit before the kids got antsy again. Mike and Mandy left for home while we were at church, so we didn't see them, but that's okay because they will be coming to visit and see our new house and pick up our old microwave. (Right, guys?!)

I took an awesome nap that day.

Later in the afternoon, I called up my old friend Mary from high school. The last time I saw Mary was New Year's Day, 2000 (when we were all worried about Y2K. Remember Y2K?) because right after that, I met Matt and haven't spent much time in Rochester since then. Mary came over and it was awesome to see her again and catch up on what everyone's been doing. I was surprised to hear how many of Bishop Kearney High School, Class of 1997, stayed around Rochester. (I couldn't wait to get out of Rochester when I left but maybe it's in my nature to be trunky. Betsy will probably feel the same way about Indiana when she graduates from high school.)Anyway, seeing Mary was a fun blast from the past, I felt like I should be listening to 'Under the Table and Dreaming' and rolling the waistband of my skirt.


Sunday night, we cleared out the cedar chest in my mom's room. It belonged to my great grandmother, and Mom promised me the chest when I was about 10. And I now finally have a big enough bedroom to put it in, yay. We found some interesting things in there. I now have the dress I wore when I was baptized as a baby - if I have another girl in the future, I can use it for a blessing dress. On Monday we loaded up - the cedar chest did fit in the back of my fan, since Matt took out the back bench - and headed home.

It was so good to get back to our brown house! And thanks to kindly neighbors, we actually still have a lawn.

2 witty remarks on "Wedding Weekend, part three: Saturday, Sunday, Monday"

8kids4me said...

Actually...when it gets really late, there are a lot of moms at ERFR. And Rob and I have been going there since he was a junior? in hs. Love the place.

Can't wait till you can post pics here.

susan opel on 8:28 PM said...

Ah - good old Y2K - wasn't that a hoot?

Love feta cheese.

Isn't is fun to be an irresponsible adult sometimes? ;)


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