Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching up, yet again.

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this blog. (I've found Facebook to be a pretty effective timesuck, in case you were wondering.) First off, a meme from my SIL Laura's blog - she tagged me in one of those 'Seven random things about yourself' dealies and in case you haven't noticed by now, I love talking about myself and could do it all day.

1. I consider myself to be pretty low maintenance. I've still never had a pedicure, I color my own hair (when I remember to, anyway) and the only place I buy shoes these days is Goodwill.

2. Speaking of which, even if we were millionaires I'd still shop at Goodwill.

3. I actually resisted getting a digital camera for a really long time. Matt still teases me about this from time to time. As it is we're only on our second digital (and unlike most scrapbookers, I still have a fairly basic point-and-shoot).

4. I love the bonus features on DVDs, especially the previews. (This is actually a trait that Porter shares with me!)

5. I write fan fiction, but until recently I didn't really admit it in public! Now I don't care who knows. And I am really addicted to reviews as a way of boosting my ego. Horrible, I know.

6. If I ever have the time and money, I'll probably go back to school. Because paying off student loans is just so much fun!

7. They haven't really bothered me yet, but I need to get my wisdom teeth removed.

Moving on... the kids are in school now, and I am loving it. Betsy's in first grade and she seems to be adjusting really well so far. Porter is in afternoon preschool this year so four days a week, I am down to one kid between noon and 3:30. Which is pretty awesome, especially because Amy still naps.

But because summer isn't over yet, we went to the State Fair last weekend. Which is always fun, and to prove it, here's pictures!

8 witty remarks on "Catching up, yet again."

celeste'sblog on 11:08 AM said...

I love watching previews. I'm glad to know I'm not actually the only one. And I love fairs. They have the best popcorn there.

Kristen on 1:56 AM said...

see now, I have to say that I always thought Domingo was a lying cheat for not letting Iris know that she'd never be able to have children if she married him. And then his scumminess was just proven when - you know - the rabbits....

Joni on 8:38 AM said...

Se, I know we're supposed to think that, but I had a really hard time viewing Domingo as the villian. It isn't as if he purposely set out to deceive her. And the thing with the rabbits was SO out of tune with the character that they'd established so far that I kept waiting for it to be explained in later episodes. (Was it a war flashback? Did his mother do it? Was he whacked out of his gourd on the opiates they gave out like candy in those days?) But of course it never was, so I had to go off and write an 8,000-word story to fix it. ;-)

Honestly, I was really annoyed by the totally unsympathetic treatment that Heidi Thomas gave to Domingo (and Mrs Brazendale, for that matter) - it annoyed me so much that I couldn't even finish watching the series.

Molly said...

You color your GRAY hair.

Laura M on 2:03 PM said...

The kids look like they had so much fun! I would have liked to go to the New York State Fair this year, but I was and still am in Maryland!

Katie on 10:10 PM said...

hey joni
just droppin' by to say thanks for the heads up on the heather ross fabric! you are one of my favorite people i don't know well, but really wish i did ;) oh, and i did not know you write fiction but am totally unsurprised, yet delighted.

Kristen on 3:23 PM said...

Okay I'll give you that - the rabbits did seem to be out of character. I also stopped watching the series; but more because it grossed me out so much. *shudder*

Joni on 2:25 PM said...

Well, if you've read my story, you've seen that my excuse for the rabbits is basically drugs. Which may not be the best excuse but I think it's a plausible one: this was the Twenties, and didn't they basically hand out opiates like they were candy back then?

As you've probably guessed, I liked Domingo a lot, and really wanted him to be redeemed. The more I thought about it the more I was impressed with him. Think about the enormous effort it must have taken (both on a physical and an emotional level) just to *function*, let alone appear normal. And he was really cute with the kids when he was doing his magic show. ;-)


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