Thursday, September 3, 2009

Speed demon!

Amy's new trick: RUNNING. With a telephone.

And P.S. how much do you love her outfit? I seriously love those Circo separates they sell at Target (they're cute and CHEAP).

In other news, it's Matt's birthday today. I'm attempting a very fancy dessert to go along with his special birthday dinner. So, if it turns out, I'll post a picture, and if it doesn't... well, at least there will be ice cream.

2 witty remarks on "Speed demon!"

Molly said...

AGHHHHH! I am blinded from the cuteness that radiates off her!!!!

(P.S. I like the new fashion statement)

mom said...

How adorable can she be? I love those outfits too...they remind me of the first line Old Navy did of baby clothes, back when Laura was a wee one.



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