Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My blog was starting to look pretty dingy, so I trawled the 'Net for a new style. Luckily there are like billions of free Blogger templates you can download (I've even saved a few for when I get tired of the laundry line). I've been working on re-building all my sidebar widgets; I think I've got everything in there except for my Web album of scrapbook layouts.

Up by the little birdie you can type in a search term and actually search my blog posts, which is pretty neat. If you're wondering how many of my posts contain the word 'poop,' the answer is: More than one. (Ditto with 'boogers.' I guess we know what kind of blog this is, don't we.)

And now that I'm looking at it, I'm realizing that the little B&W picture of me over there is seriously old. I took that picture when we lived in the old house so it's been at least three years. Looks like it's time for another self-portrait!

5 witty remarks on "Shiny!"

Disney Scrapper on 6:48 PM said...

I love the new look.

Laura M on 8:43 PM said...

LOVING IT! Guess everyones changing things around for Spring. I'm getting a new template made for me from a friend on a military forum. can't wait for it! Oh and you have 3 posts with the word puke :)

Anna on 5:10 AM said...

I like it! Very cute and springy. :)

susan opel on 11:00 AM said...

Soooo cute and shiny! And I will be your kindred spirit, but only if it's NOT in the way that it was intimated in that book. :)

themacmomma on 6:17 PM said...

Love the look of the new blog! Very fun!
WTG on the play set! We built one last year! So worth it! The kids love it!


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