Saturday, November 1, 2008

To infinity... and BOO-yond!

So, another Halloween's come and gone. It was pretty good timing with H-day coming on a Friday, meaning that I didn't have to work (and Matt normally gets off at 4:00. He had to stay a little later than usual because he made a really big sale! Woot!) and the kids were on Fall Break so they didn't have school. And although it's been cold most of the week, the weather on Friday was perfect - it was nearly seventy degrees when they started out. In fact, with Trunk-or-Treat the night before, and then a neighborhood parade (they had a fire engine!) and then ToT'ing in the neighborhood, my kids came home with a respectable haul. Which I then "inspected", you know, to make sure it's "safe." Wink-wink.

I bribed the kids with candy to get a decent picture of them once they were in costume. That went better than I expected it to, but Porter's "cheese" face actually looks more like a grimace. Finally I told then to make a scary face and they actually smiled.

6 witty remarks on "To infinity... and BOO-yond!"

fatty mcslowslow said...

The cowgirl! The Buzz!
The Anne Geddes baby girl!
I love that picture.

Amy on 8:25 PM said...

oh too cute! glad you are doing well! miss your blogging.
i've "inspected" DS's haul of candy way too much already.:)

Queenofawesome said...

What was pi? Yeah I got lucky and had a sleepover and thus for mom didn't have a chance.

mom said...

It's also called the "candy tax". They must pay a tax on the goods. ; )

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 10:21 AM said...

You got really lucky...Gavin didnt go ToTing so I didnt get to "inspect" anything. Sigh. They all look soo cute!

(grami..we all know who THAT is!)

Disney Scrapper on 5:50 PM said...

They look so cute, but are growing way to fast!


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