Saturday, November 15, 2008

Still here...

Not too much exciting going on. I am on call for work this weekend, which sounds way more important than it actually is. Am I performing emergency surgery, maybe rescuing puppies from a burning building? No, I am testing and approving automotive lubricants. Whee.

We're leaving for Texas a week from Monday. And let me tell you, the sudden precipitous drop in gas prices couldn't have been more well-timed. (It bottomed out around $1.75 here. I haven't paid that price since Betsy was a baby. Of course, at the time we thought that was highway robbery.) It's going to save us a couple hundred dollars, since we will be traveling over two thousand miles. Yes, 1100 miles in the car, each way, with three little kids. Hmm, what was I thinking, again?

Amy had a checkup yesterday (would have been her six-month visit, but she's seven months. Oh well). She's only gained a pound and a half since her previous visit two months ago. But now that she's a crazy crawler, I think she's actually burning some calories. Actually, the pediatrician was kind of surprised that Amy's crawling already, and has been for about a month or so. Don't ask me if she crawled earlier or later than her two older siblings because I can't for the life of me remember.

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Mrs. Brown can moo... on 12:52 PM said...

So, Amy has gained some weight, but not a lot. I'm curious if she is more than Gavin or not.

I hope you have fun at Thanksgiving. I know the gas prices are making me happy..we're saving soo much money without reducing the amount of gas we have to buy. Very nice!

mom said...

We have a big trip coming up too, yay for gas prices! Also...we did San Diego to NY with 4 kids 6 and under, and Robbie waiting to be born. It can be done, and truthfully, the worst part of the whole trip was that they were oiling the side of the road outside Dallas and the smell made me sick to my tums.

See you next Saturday!

susan opel on 11:02 AM said...

Road TRIIIIIIPPPPP! Oh, what fun! Hope you have a great time and keep yourself as sane as possible!

And look what I had to type in as my word verification: "gacculag." Sounds like a synonym for hurl!

fatty mcslowslow said...

Hot diggety dawg!
I'll see you all in three days.
I can hardly wait.


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