Saturday, October 18, 2008

Move over, Stephenie Meyer!

Because my daughter is now a writer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The Balls Trilogy. (Illustrated by the author. Yep, she's talented.)


Balls are fun

I love balls

Some balls have polka dots

BOOK TWO: Pumpkins

Pumpkins are beautiful

I love pumpkins

Pumpkins are best

BOOK THREE (The Thrilling Conclusion): Flowers

I give flowers to people in my class

I love flowers

Flowers are beautiful

Editor's note: Sorry about th wonky formatting. I've been trying for an hour and a half to get it right (Thank You So Muc, Windows Vista, For The Spinning Blue Donut Of Doom) and I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

7 witty remarks on "Move over, Stephenie Meyer!"

fatty mcslowslow said...

Great literature!
The kindergarten journals
Are such fun to read.

mom said...

You must save them. I still have Cath's kindegarten journals in which we read "I am falling off a house 'splat' please help me" and "Are you ok? I am sick". Great literature I tell you!!

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 12:00 PM said...

I would buy those books! The colors are so vivid.

The jeans are GREAT! I havent been this comfortable in jeans in a while. Of course, I still havent shortened my leggings, so I havent worn them or the skirt yet. Maybe I'll wear the skirt today with stockings...hmmm..maybe not.

Catherine on 1:41 PM said...

Beautiful! But Joni, you mistranslated Book 2 Ch 4; she really wrote "pumpkins are boss." I couldn't agree more, little duckie.

jdhoosier said...

Betsy should write a column for or Sports Illustrated -- she would improve the level of analysis considerably.

Here are some ideas for her column:

Pakrs r betr thn Colts.
Bakup safty mks Peytn cry :'(
34-14 = 20 [this last one might require second-grade math skills, but I'm sure she's up to it -- ed.]

She can take it from here. I'd be happy to lend my editorial assistance; it's important to nurture talent in youngsters.

themacmomma on 7:52 PM said...

I love Q's kid print! Sometimes I feel bad when I don't know what she has spelled!!! Love Betsy's stories!

Molly said...

Wow, she's an artist! Heck, she's better than I am. I'm just waiting for book four.


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