Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holy cow, it's fall already?!

Actually, I'm happy that it's autumn because all my favorite shows are back. (At least, the ones that come on before my 9 o'clock bedtime!) NCIS is looking really, really good this year and how much did you love Pushing Daisies? Karen Tyler as a nun!

Here are some cards I made the other day:

I didn't actually make them on World Card Making Day, which was yesterday. (I was busy sewing, and listening to General Conference on the baby monitor.) But, as someone who's never been that into card-making I actually found them rather fun. I mean, I have a ton of scrapbook supplies that will probably never get used up otherwise, and cards are pretty much instant gratification.

I've been working on a dress for Betsy, with long sleeves for fall. I have a wonderful new machine with a zipper foot, and guess what? I still stink at zippers. (I used invisible thread for the topstitching... is that cheating? It's still crooked but a lot less noticeable.) I think I need to learn how to do an invisible zip before I attempt Betsy's flower girl dress for next year.

Matt's mom went back to Utah at the end of September and my sister Emily came up for the final week of my regular sitter's maternity leave. The kids have been enjoying their cousin Gavin, although I think it's safe to say he's been enjoying them a little bit less. And now that he can walk, Gav's all about exploring the new place... he really, really likes my kitchen cabinets! Last weekend we went to a free showing of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything at the IMAX theater... and the fancy schmancy new mall where it's located was having some kind of grand opening, so there were balloons and free cookies and the like. AND a cartoonist was doing free caricatures of the kids, which was totally worth standing in line for. Here's Gavin and my girls (Porter was busy checking out the playground, so I left him alone). I love how a caricature of a baby is basically a picture of a baby, because they're inherently disproportionate and goofy-looking to start off with.

New this week: somebody has a new trick.

She was actually able to get into a sitting position before - she accidentally discovered the skill while teaching herself how to scooch across the floor - but lacked the requisite balance to keep herself upright for more than a few seconds. (I blame it on those big fat cheeks.) Now she can not only sit up, she can bend over to pick up her brother's shoe and sit upright to chew on it. And now I have a hard time getting Amy to lie down for naps. Her favorite is to sit up in the middle of the living room floor and sing a song she just wrote, which goes like this:
I am the cleverest baby in the world
I know how to sit up all by myself
Look at me, I am so clever, not to mention cute
Now, how 'bout some miiiiiiilk...
I don't like to brag, but could the Nobel Prize for Babyness be in her future?

7 witty remarks on "Holy cow, it's fall already?!"

Amy on 3:28 PM said...

cute cards! love them! wow how little Amy is growing. :) hope you are doing well.

mom said...

Does it look to you like Porter was whispering into Gavmans ear? Like maybe telling him some cool thing they could do as soon as they were done with this photo nonsense? Cause it does to me.

Also: Pie is very clever indeed.

Laura M on 12:06 AM said...

two words: freakin cute!!!

ps. i must say amy looks like she is bigger than gavin in that picture :)

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 11:10 AM said...

Laura, that is because Amy is almost bigger than Gavin...she weighs the same amount, but is smaller in height. And, her head is bigger than Gavin's.

jdhoosier said...

Technically, it's not the Nobel Prize for cuteness. It's the Bank Of Sweden Prize For Cuteness In Memory Of Alfred Nobel.

Just sayin', is all.

Catherine on 10:33 PM said...

Pie is pretty cute. You could say, hugely cute. Enormously cute. Massively cute.

She looks even cuter when she is sitting upright, half of her face taken up by a drooly, toothless grin, all, "Note how much more photogenic than my siblings I am: I am actually capable of smiling in a photo, before I am old enough to be bribed with toys or hard drugs."

Betsy's bangs are bangin'.

Queenofawesome said...

I am honestly shocked. With her GINUMIS head wouldn't she just topple over?


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