Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So cute, it's scary!

Doesn't Betsy look cute in that dress? It's the one my mother sewed for me mumble years ago when I was starting school. Betsy wore it yesterday for her semi-official first day of school. (Matt argued that it doesn't count because it's only preschool. I maintain that it's close enough, especially since it meets at the same elementary school where she'll be going for kindergarten.) I wore the dress and all my sisters wore the dress and now we have a whole new generation! Of course, I'm the only one with daughters so far (although I think Miles could pull it off, with his blue eyes and all). I had to replace the buttons because one was missing and strangely enough, I couldn't find an exact match. I also made an interesting discovery when I was sewing a patch into the placket facing: Mom forgot to pull out the basting stitches at the waist, all those years ago! I had half a mind to grab my seam ripper and do it myself, but then I decided to leave them in there, just to embarrass Grammie.
Unfortunately, Betsy's first day of 'school' was short-lived. We thought she was over the cold she'd had over the weekend, but it turns out she was sucking it up because she wanted to go to school so badly. (I can't wait to tell her that story when she's a teenager.) The school called us after an hour or two and had me come get Betsy because she wouldn't stop wiping her nose. This is a problem we've had with her in the past. I'm hoping that the threat of missing school is sufficient motivation for her to break the habit.
I did get to run a few errands while she was there, though, and I scored a pretty good find at Goodwill. I got a brand-new, still-in-the-package-from-Target set of crib bedding for ten bucks. Now, I already had some bumper pads which were sensibly gender-neutral. This new stuff, however, is most decidedly not. It's basically pink with pink flowers and pink ribbons on it. The package had a tag from Target stating that it was returned because it was defective. I spent probably ten minutes going over the whole thing before I found the apparent defect: a teeny tiny spot on the side of the blanket. Oh, no. Like the crib bedding won't be getting horribly stained sooner or later anyway, right?

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mom said...

Yeah. About those basting stitches. I was probably nursing or pregnant when I made that dress, so neener. Betsy even has her hair the same way you did!! Very cute little girl, I'm so glad I saved that dress. Now, if I can find that jumper with the pink hearts I made for Valentine's day(remember, the one with ruffles on the shoulders?), I will send it along, AFTER removing any basting stitches.

Joni on 8:59 PM said...

Just for the record, I always remember to take my basting stitches out... but I also mark the pattern dots with a Sharpie so maybe I shouldn't be talking, hmm?

Do you have a picture of me wearing the dress, Mom? Bring it out here the next time you come & I'll scan it.

mom said...

Yes, I have a picture of you wearing the dress, and I think you were holding your lunch box. I will look for it.

susan opel on 5:31 PM said...

What a fun story about the basting stitches, and Betsy is totally scary cute!

themacmomma on 11:01 AM said...

That is some quality fabric lasting that long! Turbo! B does look cute!

Love the score from goodwill! Can't beat that!


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