Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh Danny boy, oh boy oh boy... oh Danny.

I don't really get into St. Patrick's Day, and how could I? There's no chocolate involved. I don't have very much green in my wardrobe, and none of it fits my rapidly expanding girth anyway. I can't tell the difference between Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. I've never drunk green beer, and I never will. But THIS is pretty much the funniest thing I've EVER seen.

In other news, Betsy lost her other bottom front tooth last night. It didn't really seem like it was loose enough, but apparently it was. I'm glad that the tooth came out because it's been bothering her lately - I actually had to put Orajel in her mouth the night before (thank goodness I have, like, three half-used tubes of the stuff).

I felt one of Amy's toes last night - how weird is that? She gets really active when I lay down to go to bed, and I like to amuse myself by playing Guess The Body Part. She was kicking, and I got ahold of something tiny and round - I've never felt anything like that before. I can only assume it's one of her piggies. I'm guessing it's the one that went to market, but until modern medical science figures out a way to install a Plexiglass viewing window in my womb, all I can do is poke around a whole bunch. I've also discovered that Amy doesn't really like me using my belly as a table. Whenever I rest a book or a plate or something on top of my girth, she tries her hardest to kick it off. Gee, baby, I'm sorry if I've inconvenienced you.

6 witty remarks on "Oh Danny boy, oh boy oh boy... oh Danny."

Amy on 4:30 PM said...

oh that is too funny! thanks for sharing. can't wait to see photos of your new little joy. :)

Laura said...

*wipes tear of laughter*
I love Animal. He reminds me of a certain niece and nephew I have... ;)

themacmomma on 12:03 AM said...

Betsy has lost a tooth? That seems crazy to me!

I hadn't felt specific body parts w/ my other two, but have w/ this one too! Odd.

I like the name Amy and all of the rediculous reasoning... all of which I agree!!!

jdhoosier said...

True story: around St. Patty's Day, you can buy green Kroonchy Stars in my imagination.

jdhoosier said...

Oh, and that song reminded me -- Memphis Belle was on AMC a few weeks ago, in all its ham-fisted glory. Blast from the past. I'm not convinced that Harry Connick, Jr. is a better actor than the Swedish Chef.

mom said...

I was just thinking about Memphis Belle last night, how I LIKE HC's version of the song, and really would love to hear it again, and watch the movie. Alas, its a VHS, and is probably too brittle to watch on our borrowed tv.


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