Sunday, December 16, 2007

So far, so good!

We have been married SEVEN YEARS today.

And notice the huge piles of snow standing all around. Who was the genius that decided we should go up to CHICAGO to get married... in DECEMBER??? Actually, we could have driven south to Louisville, but we chose the Chicago temple because my grandpa is a sealer there, so he married us. Also, my sister-in-law's parents used to live like ten minutes away from the temple, so Matt and his family members stayed there the night before the wedding. It wasn't actually snowing when we got married... we tied the knot at ten in the morning (probably would have been sooner if Matt's car keys hadn't gotten stuck in the ignition. I can't wait to watch the video with the kids this evening!), had lunch at the Macaroni Grill with the families, went back to the sister-in-law's parents' house to change out of our wedding clothes, started driving back to Indiana... and then the snow started. I remember being all nervous and thinking, "Well, if I die, at least I got married first, right?"

But we didn't die. And to commemorate the event, we got a huge blizzard last night and this morning. I never heard if church was cancelled or not but we didn't go... couldn't even get out of the driveway. Although later our neighbor... snowblew? snowblowed? snowblowered?... cleared our driveway with his snowblower, which was nice. I made biscuits for breakfast, Matt made some hot chocolate, and then we all piled in the bed with the kids and played pirates. Arrrgh. And I thought, Yeah, I wouldn't mind spending eternity with these people.

So anyway, seven years, I think it's a good-luck number... or possibly bad-luck. I prefer to look on the bright side. We haven't been married long enough that our towels are starting to fray... I think they were really good towels to begin with. Although I replaced one of the sets of sheets this summer. I was lucky enough to get a massive set of silverware from my grandmother - she collects Betty Crocker points - so I think we will never need to buy another utensil as long as we live. Especially not spoons. It was really nice when everyone came for Thanksgiving, we used paper plates but we didn't have to go with plastic cutlery (which I hate).

Betsy said that our house is called a castle and actually, I think she's right. (She's very keen on royalty lately. You will address me as 'Queen Mommy,' thank you very much.) Granted, the castle is a little bit messy at the moment. The floors are crumby, the stairs need to be vacuumed, the sheets are popping off the corners of our mattress and I took the slipcovers off the sofas two weeks ago to wash them and I still haven't put them back on, but it is a castle none the less.

8 witty remarks on "So far, so good!"

mom said...

Happy Anniversary Your Majesty!!!!!

Disney Scrapper on 3:51 PM said...

Happy Anniversary Joni

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary Joni!!

We didnt get enough so to make a small snowball (with all the snow on base). But, it did snow.

Catherine on 8:42 PM said...

I remember that day. Lunch was good. There were those chunks of hot bread to dip in salt-and-peppery oil, which was nice, and I got to drive in the car with Dad and Kev, which was awesomexcore

I'm glad you got married. Your spawn are nice.

susan opel on 9:32 PM said...

Frayed towels.
Betty Crocker points.

You just get funnier and funnier!

jdhoosier said...

Wow. Seven years. Seems like just yesterday, Matt lived with a bearded stockbroker and you were over at Melrose Place. And then you both got plugged into YM/YW because you were still young enough to be Role Models for the youth. Guess you're too old for that now.


Eran of Arcadia on 8:28 PM said...

So, all the photogs
jockeying for posit did
get a good shot there.

Fatty McSlowslow said...

Insolent Eran!
How blatantly he mocks me.
Oh, the injustice!!!

Congratulations on seven and counting!


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