Thursday, December 6, 2007

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I had a birthday yesterday. I am now a number divisible by 7 years old. We started off the day by getting dumped with snow; I made it to seminary only to find out that the schools are on a 2-hour delay (we don't do seminary when there's a delay). Apparently, the school districs announce their closings at 6 a.m., and I have to leave for seminary at 5:40 (earlier if there's snow). So, this could potentially happen a lot over the next couple of months. It's all good, though; I still got to go home and go back to sleep.

Porter wasn't feeling too well yesterday either. He was up the night before coughing and wheezing. Matt actually slept in his room (the noise doesn't bother him as much) just to make sure he didn't, I don't know, stop breathing or anything. So I took him to the doctor, and she gave him some drugs and I think he'll be all right, he's still having a hard time but he hasn't in any way stopped being the little monster that we all know and love. Anyway, since I was out I did a bunch more errands, such as picking up snowboots for the kids.

Matt always complains about having to get me a birthday AND a Christmas gift in the same month, so I usually take pity on him and make a big list of all the things that have caught my eye. He didn't use the list this time around so I was a little worried: was I going to get a coupon for an oil change and a dozen personalized spatulas? Fortunately, after 7 years my husband knows me pretty well. He got a blank book from Target and he and the kids filled it out with all of the things they love about me, and interspersed it with gift cards to various locations. (For example: "We love you because you smell nice" and a gift card to Bath & Body Works, because I LOVE their lotions.)

Anyway, one of the GC's was to Target so I could get a CD and/or a DVD, since I am the media junkie in our family. (Well, and Porter is too.) Target is located right by the pediatrician's office - hooray! - so I popped in to see what I could get. (I may have also picked up some little baby girl clothes while I was in there. What? They were 75% off.) Anyway, I got the Sarah Maclachlan Christmas CD which I've had my eye on for a while, and the 20th anniversary DVD of The Princess Bride.

Now, I know it may seem inconceivable, but I actually hadn't watched that movie in a couple of years. In the family I grew up in TPB is practically an institution; I'm not sure you can have a family gathering without someone quoting it eventually. (Granted, some of my family members may belong in an institution but that's another matter altogether.) I put the movie on for the kids when we got home and they loved it almost immediately. Betsy's scared of the Fire Swamp part, so I just skip it with the remote. She's convinced that it's a movie about a princess and some pirates, and she spent a good part of yesterday afternoon clomping around in her new pink snowboots because apparently that's what pirates wear. And she's said "Inconceivable!" six or seven times already. Porter's actually the one who inherited the Movie Nerd Gene so I suspect that he'll have the movie memorized by the time he's seven years old.

So yeah, in spite of lame weather and a sick little boy, it was a pretty good birthday. And with all the snow on the ground, Matt took the kids out this morning and played in the yard. Betsy makes a cute snow angel.

8 witty remarks on "No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

Fatty McSlowSlow said...

No more haiku! I mean it!!!

Emily said...

anybody got a peanut?

that, of course, is absolutely the cutest ever!

whats a myfeq?

jdhoosier said...

From Wikipedia:

myfeq (or more accurately, was a late-90s internet startup. The company raised $30.2B from a white-shoe VC firm and blew it all on the naming rights for the bowl, which gave viewers a can't-miss matchup between the 4th-place team from the Mountain West and the 6th place team in the SEC. was delisted from NASDAQ in May 1999.

The article may have been deleted.

oypfpsh: a traditional Yiddish expletive.

milesmomma said...

hallo. my name is indigo montoyo...

Joni on 7:57 PM said...

It would take a miracle,
I only dog-paddle.

susan opel on 11:36 PM said...

Happy belated birthday, Joni. So you must be 49, right?

Um, loved the gift from Matt and kids. Very nicely done.

Have never seen The Princess Bride.


fatty mcslowslow said...

The six syllables
In "I only dog paddle"
Ruin the haiku.

Joni on 11:26 AM said...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a Princess Bride haiku? All of the really good lines are EIGHT syllables. Go look it up on IMDb if you don't believe me!

Susan, you've never seen it? Inconceivable! Go rent it immediately!


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