Thursday, September 30, 2010

More doll sewing

Now that the kids are back in school, I can spend a lot more time in my oh-so-messy basement sewing area. Mainly what I've been sewing is doll clothes - I'm trying to get my Etsy shop stocked up before the holiday buying season hits. Of course, since I like to bite off more than I chew, I have probably 93657 projects in various states of completion. I'll go on a bender and cut out probably ten different dresses (and bear in mind that I sew almost everything in duplicate or triplicate) and then it's a matter of getting them sewn. And once they're sewn I have to put in snaps and/or buttons, which for some reason takes me FOREVER. I think I need to come up with a system less haphazard than "I'll just sew whatever I feel like sewing today."

Here's my most recent project. My most favorite time period to sew for is the 1930s, because I love love LOVE the fabrics. Betsy's Kit is always happy to model.
So, that's an epically bad photo because I had to use my cell phone - we are fresh out of Double A's. Here's another dress I made a while back from that pattern, and MAN do I wish I had some more of this fabric. (I think both of these are Henry Glass "Posies from the Thirties.' Yum!)

I used the BunnyBear 'Princess Seams' pattern for that one - it's probably the pattern I use the most (aside from the Route 66 one) because it's just so darn cute. I also like that it doesn't use a ton of fabric - only 1/3 of a yard if I do the collar and cuffs contrasting, and I do - which I suppose is appropriate for the time period. (The austerity of the Thirties, followed by rationing of the Forties, goes a long way in explaining the 'New Look' of the Fifties, don't you think?) I love BunnyBear patterns and have quite a few of them - I'm constantly stalking her site to see if she's put out that Colonial era dress yet.

I've also been on a big Civil War kick lately.
I think I like it for the same reason as I like the 1930s: really great fabric prints. (Now is when I link you to Nauvoo Quilt Co. - she has the BEST stuff.) I made up some dresses that included little straw bonnets (they weren't anything fancy, I just got them from a craft supplier and trimmed them) and they sold like hotcakes. I'd also like to attempt a hoopskirt, I think it would be pretty easy with some corset boning.

Did I say I've been on a big Civil War kick lately? I meant to say I've been on a big Revolutionary War kick lately.
Yes, we got an Elizabeth. I already had a Felicity that I'm saving for Amy when she's bigger. When F and E's retirement was announced, I debated getting an Elizabeth before she gets crazy expensive on eBay. I wasn't going to (because Elizabeth has brown hair, darnit! Now get off my lawn!), but what convinced me was how much she actually resembles Amy, with the blue eyes and blond curly hair. Sigh. So I used that as an excuse to sew little matching 'best friend' dresses for them. I hope they sell as a pair, because I don't really want to split them up.

So that's what I've been up to. Anyone have any interesting projects to share? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been crafting up a storm.

8 witty remarks on "More doll sewing"

Nann on 5:08 PM said...

LOL, I promise you the colonial pattern is forthcoming. I was working on it all of an hour ago :)

Joni on 5:20 PM said...

Then stop reading blogs and go work on it some more! Sheesh! ;-)

Rebecca on 6:09 PM said...

I love this post! I'm forwarding it to Ernie, since he spends most of his free time reading photography books these days.

Rebecca on 6:12 PM said...

O.M.Gosh. My computer is beyond weird. It posted a blog post comment from a comment I made 4 days ago on SOMEONE ELSE'S BLOG!

Ah, well. My actual comment was along the lines of how awesome your doll dresses are :)

The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: on 12:54 AM said...

I'd love to share something with you, but I can't because I haven't done anything in so long! But I love those little doll dresses. Sometimes I feel sad that neither of my girls are doll girls. They would rather play with a grubby old stuffed cat or Tinkertoys.

Molly said...

Hey, Joni you can't take all the credit for getting Elizabeth. I was the one nagged you until your ears bled. Also: since you now know that were getting there on wed., you can start making cupcakes. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. ;D Also: call me. i want to talk about "That thing"

Anonymous said...

oh, doll clothes! I love them! You do such an amazing job on them all!

Molly said...

Joni, you are crazy. GOOD AT SEWING, THAT IS. I like the dressie thingies. YEAH. THOSE. AlSO: Did they smile cause' they liked it? Did they smile cause' they liked it? DID THEY???!>???


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