Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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So, guess who had a birthday last week?

I'll give you a hint: her name is AMY.

Yep, my baby is two years old (sniff, sniff); her birthday actually came at the end of a very fun-filled week. The kids were on Spring Break so we had something fun planned every day, like the zoo, the museum, the library, and Chick-Fil-A. Amy's birthday was on Friday but we didn't actually celebrate it until Saturday, because of Matt's work schedule with his new job. But she doesn't really know any better.

Amy's favorite gift this year: a Bitty Baby of her OWN, just like the one she always steals from Betsy. I got lucky and found one at a church sale for five bucks last fall. I dressed Bitty in a preemie sized outfit from WalMart and I had found a big set of baby doll accessories on clearance after Christmas. Yep, I am nothing if not cheap.

Does she seem like she minds? Not at all!
Here's Bitty in her cute new highchair (gift from Grandma in Utah). We actually need to glue the tray in place because Amy likes to take it off and sit in the chair. Didn't see that one coming, did you?!
And here she is eagerly anticipating a cupcake. Funny, but as soon as Amy saw the candles she was trying to blow them out, I didn't have to show her what to do at all. I still had to help her, of course. She enjoyed her cupcake quite a bit - not very messily at all - I think Porter was actually worse (he is morally opposed to utensils of any kind).

Lucky girl, I actually was on the ball for ONCE in my life and scheduled her 2 year checkup in the same month as her birthday and not half a year later. So, unfortunately that means she'll be getting a bunch of shots this coming Friday. (Porter actually just had his 5 year checkup today... 42 inches, 40 pounds, and 9 diseases that he won't get!) Boy, with birthday presents like THAT, I wouldn't blame her if she just skips the whole thing entirely next year...

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