Sunday, January 4, 2009

The New Year

We rang in 2009 in fine fashion, with family members (and a free turkey from work). Catherine took the bus out from Philadelphia, where she goes to art school. I hadn't seen her since 2006, so that was fun. Emily drove up from Ft. Campbell (where they will shortly be leaving, so we had better enjoy the proximity while it lasts) with Gavin and a fetus. And Mike and Mandy came up from Bloomington with Miles and a Wii, both of which were played with to the enjoyment of all. (I threw a strike on my first ever roll of Wii bowling, and promptly quit while I was ahead. Also, I stink at Mario Cart.)

Since all the cousins were together, we decided to line them up against the wall and shoot them.
With cameras, I mean.

Anyway, it was the first time Em, Cath and I had all been together since Emily's wedding, over two years ago, and we had WAAAY too much fun. We threw an air mattress on the floor and basically had a big slumber party (as much as that's possible when one woman is nursing a baby, and another is hugely pregnant) and did facials and talked about shoes and whatnot. Granted, the three of us shared a bedroom until I was 16 or so, and it wasn't nearly this much fun.

Anyway, in some not so good news, my Grandaddy is pretty sick with pneumonia, so we're hoping that turns out well. But in really great news, my brother's girlfriend Celeste is now no longer my brother's girlfriend, she is now his fiancee because Kevin asked her to marry him and she said yes.

7 witty remarks on "The New Year"

susan opel on 11:01 AM said...

You are officially busting a gut in that picture!

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 12:49 PM said...

The fact that Celeste can stand Kevin enough to say yes to a marriage proposal is celebration enough!

I had a lot of fun this weekend. It was soo great to have the 3 of us together again. I'm sure Matt didnt think the same, though.

Laura M on 2:50 PM said...

That must have been one crazy weekend!! Glad you guys all enjoyed yourself so much (which is obvious from the photo)

Catherine on 2:31 PM said...

Talked about shoes yeah. Shoes and bisyllabic nonsense words, repeated at random and with ever-increasing hilarity.

Most imortantly? Much Pie was consumed.

Triciam92 said...

My girls together again....and I know that mom has tears in her eyes for missing it! And I'm sure Mike got his hits in too...Joni were you at least able to get in one good scream at him? I miss ya'll tons!! Happy New Year!

jdhoosier said...

It's Mario Kart. Just sayin', is all. Also, props to your DH for besting me in Madden. And thanks to Catherine, we got to upgrade some of our living room art. Now when Miles says, "a'dat?," he gets a tedious explanation about marine propulsion instead of a tedious critique of 20th Century U.S. policy in Latin America.

All in all, a jolly fine holiday gathering.

Beth Opel on 12:26 PM said...

Oh my gosh that pic of you makes me so happy! Gotta love girl time.


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