Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nothing to cry over.

We had a pretty fun, relaxed Fourth of July... saw the parade and never did get around to going downtown to see the fireworks. A lot of our neighbors were shooting off pyrotechnics of their own so we had a 360-degree view, and our next-door neighbors had sparklers which they shared with our kids (and we passed around a box of popsicles, later, so it all works out.) And then on Sunday I broke out in HIVES, which was weird because I'm not really allergic to anything, but I Could. Not. Stop. Itching. I took Benadryl which provided relief only in the sense that I took a pretty hearty nap while Matt and the kids were at church. I finally got some real, actual medical advice and they told me to take Zyrtec - only problem with that is that it's a Category B drug, meaning you shouldn't take it while pregnant/nursing unless you really have to. So I've pump-and-dumped the last few days, but the itching (oh, and my eyes were all swelled up - I looked really funny) is all gone so I don't have to do that any more. It's not inconvenient to dump milk down the sink but it is sort of hard, emotionally.

I never did figure out what triggered the reaction - the doctor told me that most of the time, you never know. I do know for sure that I am not allergic to non-adorable, slender babies who can't roll from their backs to their tummies. Because we certainly don't have any of THOSE around here.

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jdhoosier said...

Nothing says 'fun and relaxing holiday' like neighbors who set things ablaze in exchange for popsicles. Next year, see what they'll do for a case of Flav*R*Ice.

Be sure to explain to Amelia Bedilia that you got hives because she can't roll all the way over. "You see what you've done to me? I give, and I give, and I give . . ." She'll appreciate that.

Hives notwithstanding, how are the new jobs working out?

Laura M on 9:23 AM said...

Zyrtec can be a lifesaver....I have to take it before I get my allergy shots every week now, to prevent, oh, just my throat from closing on me.

Catherine on 12:13 AM said...

Joni, I just had a dream where I cam on this pilgrimage to see you (more specifically, Pie), only I was dressed immodestly and you wouldn't let me see her. It was a sleeveless dress or something. Then you did let me see her but I felt ashamed and didn't want to degrade her with my upper arms, so I went back home.

It was...surprisingly hilarious.

Catherine on 12:16 AM said...



Tracey said...

I had one of those episodes once. Went to lunch, then shopping, and in the middle of the Target stop, started itching all over my face. I swelled and turned completely crimson, and it had nothing to do with my embarrassment level.

Apparently it was something a shrimp ate, who later ended up in my lunch. How do you cross-examine a shrimp about his eating habits before you consume him in your shrimp alfredo? I still have not figured that out.

nmolly said...

But joni, you must remember that, as claritan says, zyrtec may cause drowsiness.

Laura M on 11:21 PM said...

I feel very significant now. I have finally made an impact in the blogging world.....you actually have a link from your blog to mine now!


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