Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Find the Baby

Where is she? Where'd she go?

Amy's sleeping in her crib now in her very own room. The pediatrician told me that likely the reason she keeps waking up in the night (more so than she should be, given how fat the girl is) is that she smells me. Hey, I can't help that I'm delicious.

Does anyone know how to get lipstick out of clothing? No, I didn't find mysterious kisses on Matt's collar; I left my brand-new Mother's-Day-gift lipstick in my dress pocket, and now there are smears of Cover Girl 'Cutie' all over one of my new shirts. And of course I didn't find it until everything had been through the dryer so I'm lucky it's not much worse. But I think it's funny considering that I almost never wear lipstick. And I've washed my ChapSticks dozens of times withno ill effect (well, except for ruining the ChapStick but they're only ninety-seven cents each so who cares?) Serves me right for trying to look pretty for a change.

3 witty remarks on "Find the Baby"

Fatty McSlowSlow said...

Getting out lipstick?
So why are you asking us?
You are the chemist!

molly, the scientist said...

wow i can imagine pi right now: "I can smell your BLOOD!!!"(in creepy little voice)and joni, my guess for the lipstick is that you are doomed, rocks fall, and everybody dies.

Laura M on 11:06 PM said...

"Cutie" just wanted to make her presence known! And if she couldn't smell you, you might as well wear her around right?


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