Monday, October 22, 2007

Just happy

Just plugging along still! I am so sooo tired but the high school has school break later this week... two days of sleeping in for me! Woo hoo!

I got my Thanksgiving layout back from Scrapbook Trends recently and two copies of their Home for the Holidays idea book. Can I just say, I love Scrapbook Trends. Their magazines are beautifully photographed and actually full of ideas. And I love that they publish me sometimes because I get free mags, and I'm not about to pay $15 for a magazine. Anyway, last Thursday I got TWO page requests for their March issue! I was pretty excited. One is a layout I did of Molly and Betsy together with some 7Gypsies quote stickers, and the other is the page I did after we found Porter asleep in a drawer. Love both of those pages - so happy to see them both in print (though it will be hard to wait until March).

We went to the haunted house at the Children's Museum last week. (I took some pictures but haven't bothered to upload them yet. Lazy, lazy, lazy.) Even though it was the 'friendly' hours Betsy was a little scared at first. But she really started to get into the 'scary ones' and it helps that there was some candy, too. The theme was 'Ghostly Grand Hotel' and one of the sponsors was this soap company that makes little hotel toiletries. (I actually interviewed with them when I was looking for my first and only chemist job... they didn't hire me. Poo.) I did think it was a little strange that the goody bag the kids got at the end included a shoe polishing sponge AND a polishing mitt. How many 4 year olds do you know that need to polish their shoes? However, Betsy was excited about the little round soaps, so it's all good.

I have now officially started my Christmas shopping. Still not listening to the Muppets.

We finished cleaning out the basement and now one end of it is a play area for the kids. They woudl live down there if I'd let them. All the Mr Potato Head pieces are in the basement (can you guess who was sick of picking them up?) so there's really no reason to be anywhere else.

There was a ward party on Friday night, and we had square dancing. Yes, actual square dancing! I made Betsy be my partner and we actually had a really, really good time. I am still wicked sore from all the do-si-doing we do-si-did.

The Primary kids did their program on Sunday. How cute. Betsy didn't sing at all (I think she gets that from her dad - he doesn't like to sing either. Porter on the other hand is Mr. One Mand Band.) but she nailed her one line. "If we study the scrishpures, we will feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost." And she spoke clearly and didn't lick the microphone. That's pretty good for an almost-five-year-old.

We're making Betsy go to sleep without a Pull Up now. Which equals more laundry, but it was about time.

5 witty remarks on "Just happy"

Tracey Wilder said...

Girl, did I ever tell you that I lurk on your blog pretty often? And I Crack.Up.


LOVE your sense of humor, girl.
And something (well, the comments) tells me, your family would be a riot to hang with.

Congrats on the pregnancy, BTW. Having just recently completed one, I can't say that I envy you, exactly, because I would like to see my own toes for at least six months before I do that again. However, I am extremely excited for you to be in such happy circumstances. ;)

Tracey Wilder said...

PS - Christmas music makes its debut here in October.

If I can wait that long. ;)

Emily said...

I think they expect that Betsy would learn how to polish her shoes, since they were sooooo nice to provide you with the polish and mitt....but, that's just my logic.

There's nothing like having a very long run-on sentence, is there? are you drawing names? I dont have THAT much time to buy something if it's for someone who will be at Thanksgiving, and not Christmas...namely YOU.

See ya sooon!

Catherine on 1:45 PM said...


Also, betsy is just...what a nice little thing that bug is. I'll bet she doesn't have a clue who I am but I do like her quite a lot. (I'm the only aunt she never sees, aren't I? I guess that makes me speshul.)

I want to see your pages, are they in your blog somewhere and I missed them? Or are you not publishing them yet for legal reasons or whatevs?


PS my word verify looks like "gestapo". I always love your word verifies.

susan opel on 5:42 PM said...

Hey, Joni!

Too funny about the shoe polishing. Perhaps they want to instill a clean shoe environment in Indianapolis?

Love that you are getting pubbed! That rocks HARD!


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