Monday, September 17, 2007

we're back!

Back from Disneyworld, that is. Once I finish sorting through the 5 loads of laundry and 468 pictures from last week, I'll have a much longer blog post (or three). In the meantime, here's what turned out to be pretty much my favorite photo from the trip:

That was at Animal Kingdom, and I guess it makes more sense if you know the story behind it. See, at AK they really, really want you to recycle (pretty much like all zoos with their obligatory conservation message) and to that end, in one area of the park there is a walking, talking recycle bin. Seriously. And it's actually kind of amusing to watch the thing interact with the park guests (do NOT call it a trash can - it hates that).

Anyway, Porter apparently liked the recycle bin a lot so he started following it around. And the recycle bin (or rather, the person controlling the recycle bin via remote control) thought that was funny, so the recycle bin was singing "We're following the leader..." from Peter Pan in its little tinny robotic voice. I love this photo because you can tell how much fun Porter is having, even if you can't see his whole face. I think the recycle bin was his favorite part of the whole park.

(A few minutes later we went to the petting zoo, where he tried to sit on the goats.)

Anyway, I think this photo kind of emphasizes what's so great about Disneyworld. See, we can sit on goats and be nagged about recycling at the zoo right here in Indianapolis. But seeing our 2-year-old try to run away forever with a recycling bin? That, my friends, can only happen in Florida.

Overheard while at Disneyworld

"Airplane broken!" (Porter)

"Water with no ices is yucky." (Betsy)

"I a pirate. Arrg!" (Porter)

"Jasmine has boobies, but we don't talk about it." (Betsy)

"Hey, let's put tattoos on the kids." (Matt)

"The soap is blue just like Dory is blue!" (Betsy, every single time we washed our hands)

"Dinosaur broken!" (Porter)

"When we went to the Little Mermeraid show, my Sleeping Beauty toy was getting wet." (Betsy)

"Mickey Moush broken!" (Porter)

2 witty remarks on "we're back!"

fatty mcslowslow said...

"I a pirate. Arg."
Porter, September nineteenth

Catherine on 9:21 PM said...


Really, your itsie Aryan toots are as precious as a duck on a truck. As sweet as a pin in a bin. They put the Fun in Fundungular. They put the Great in Grated Cheese. Also moving recyclepticles are made of win.



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