Thursday, January 18, 2007

random stuff...

We went to the State Museum on Monday (all the museums are free on MLK Day). They had a really gross exhibit about bugs and dead bodies. Fascinating, but gross.

I'm 97% done with my Hall of Fame entry. Still waiting for York Photo to send me my prints so I can finish up the Crafty Combo. Why do I keep ordering from York? They always take f o r e v e r to send me my pictures.

We're teaching Betsy how to write her name now. She's got the E and the T and more or less the Y (it looks a lot like the T, but I'm forgiving) and we're working on the B. S still has her completely stumped, however.

My voice is nearly hoars from rrawring with Porter.

The Colts are playing the Patriots in the conference championship this weekend. I hate to be a Negative Nellie, but aren't the Pats the ones who always knock the Colts out of the playoffs? Much like the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. I don't, however, reserve the same level of hatred for the Patriots as I do for the Cowboys. Some teams are just pure evil.

Don't overcook angelhair pasta. Not a pretty sight.

Old Navy is having a massive clearance sale. No more 97-cent capris for me. But, I got Matt some work pants for $8 (good thing, they inevitably end up with ink on them) and a scarf for 75 cents. Now his neck will be warm when he's walking from the parking garage, because I am a good wife.

You actually haven't seen cute, until you've seen a 1-year-old do the motions to 'Popcorn Popping.'

4 witty remarks on "random stuff..."

Fatty McSlowslow said...

You're a Colts fan now?
Growing up in Rochester
You're not a Bills fan?

jdhoosier said...

Just for the record:
The Packers beat the Cowboys
Last 2 times they've played.

themacmomma on 8:50 AM said...

What? You watch... and care about football?

I only watched last night for justified 'sit down and snuggle' time with my Matt!

You go on your HOF! You are kicking booty!

susan on 5:06 PM said...

gotta get to old navy......


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