Tuesday, January 9, 2007

More pictures

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday. I'm still hopelessly optimistic, even though I'm limited both by my lack of photography skills and the uncopperation of my subjects. The black-and-white one is for my Hall of Fame entry:I'm finally attempting the Original Technique layout, so I'll be doing an unusual embellishment to complement a list of advice that I want to give Betsy. This is the only layout I haven't at least started, so the end is definitely in sight!

The color photo is for another layout I have planned... I ordered some of the Cloud 9 Valentine stuff from Luv2 for their January contest. It's actually been ages since I've entered one of Luv2's monthly contests, and I've never used anything of this brand before, but I really like what I've seen so far from the design team. It's always fun to try something new.

Speaking of something new... have you seen the CHA previews from American Crafts? Sweet holy prettiness, I love those papers. The ones named after foods are my favorite (although it's always going to bug me that they spelled vinaigrette wrong). Ooh, I can't wait until these come out. I'm still waiting to see what Chatterbox comes up with, but I'm sure it will be gorgeous too.

We watched 'American Mormon' on Sunday - it was pretty funny - and since then, Betsy has apparently been practicing her documentary-film-interviewing skills. She spent half of yesterday with a green plastic knife in her hand, sticking it in our faces and saying, "Hello. How are you? What's your name?" Very cute. Posted by Picasa

5 witty remarks on "More pictures"

8kids4me said...

Did someone say food? I really like the papers....especially the "pomegranate" one.

Lovely pics by the way.

Joni on 4:58 PM said...

See Mom? We'll make a scrapper of you yet.

My favorite seems to be 'Pesto' but I think that's because just thinking of pesto makes my mouth water. I wish it was spring so I could start growing basil again.

8kids4me said...

Yes, the Pesto was really pretty too!! Oh, I finally got the paper you sent into my homemaking notebook. I will take pics with my new digicam(2A gave us one for Christmas), then scan them and email to you. I can't do it any other way cause of our antique computer.

susan on 7:02 PM said...

Sweet holy prettiness!? You are a riot!

Can't wait to see your finished layout!

Sue on 8:53 AM said...

Hi Joni! Good luck with your HOF entry!!!! I got a kick out of that too...."sweet holy prettiness", too funny :) I think you should make a page with some of your cute sayings sometime - that would be so fun :)


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