Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Sewing Post

So, I was looking at my blog the other day, and down on the left side it shows my total number of posts by month. I realized that I updated my blog twice in January, and once in February. For a grand total of three posts so far in 2010. And that's, well, kind of pathetic. One of my good friends is doing a project this year where she updates her blog every single day, meaning so far she has written 64 posts. And I have written three. One of my purposes for this blog is so that I can remember things that happen, since I have a notoriously bad memory, and I already am not too sure what's gone on in 2010. Here are a couple of the highlights:

- I got a root canal. Boy, was that fun. I had a cavity (that had previously been filled) that was bothering me badly enough to go to the dentist, even though we don't have dental insurance. I was tempted just to get the thing pulled, but Matt convinced me to spend the $1700 (yikes!) and have it fixed.

- I have been practicing my flute like crazy for the Easter cantata that is coming up.

- Porter and Betsy have been playing together really, really well since Christmas. They will go off together in the basement or one of the bedrooms and I won't hear from them for an hour or two (until the playing turns to violence).

- Amy has really had an explosion of speech. She's using two- and three-word sentences more often. In fact, when she sneezed at the dinner table the other night, I told her 'bless you' and she looked at Matt and went, "Say 'bless you,' Dad." She's going to have a few more visits from the speech therapist and then she will be done.

-Amy is also OBSESSED with the song 'I Am A Child Of God.' She will sing the song - while conducting - and then fold her arms and say a prayer, just like we do in the nursery. Only she does this about three or four times a day. One of these times I will catch it on film and then you will see what I mean.

- I've been sewing like a FIEND. I knew I would have to get started early on my daughters' Easter dresses, because of the aforementioned Cantata eating up much of my time. I am proud to say that they are done. Done! with more than a month to spare. Here is a little sneaky-peeky:

Aren't I a stinker? You'll see the full awesomeness eventually, I promise. Betsy has a big fluffy crinoline slip for hers, but I am still looking for something to give Amy's dress the appropriate vintage-style poof. And I came to a realization while I was sewing the last button on:

We don't actually have church on Easter.

Boy, it would have been super if I'd remembered that ahead of time, huh? (Easter falls on the first Sunday of April - that's General Conference.) No matter, my girls could always use something adorable, sweet, and charming to wear. So I guess they will be Palm Sunday dresses, instead.

My other big project for 2010 has been sewing doll clothes. I've actually been buying things at Goodwill (skirts and blouses are good) then cutting them up and making American Girl-sized dresses. The idea being to sell them in my Etsy shop and make a little money to spend on, most likely, more fabric. Here is the first batch:

There were actually 8 dresses originally, because I made duplicates of some. (If you cut carefully, and spend more time than you'd like to admit picking out all the darts, a women's size blouse can become 2 doll dresses.) I am quite thrilled to report that I have sold all 8 of them already! I had so much fun sewing all these dresses (I just really have a thing for dresses. Have you guessed?) that I have already started in on the next batch. Fun times!

4 witty remarks on "Another Sewing Post"

Rebecca on 10:48 AM said...

Ok- I am DYING to see the easter dresses! Hurry up and show them off, already! Super sorry about the root canal and also the $1700 bill. OUCH. Two very painful things. Congrats on selling the doll dresses on Etsy- I looked at them and they were super cute!

SlyGly on 1:06 PM said...

I am VERY impressed by the doll dresses, especially the pink one.

mom said...

I can't wait to see the dresses! Molly is chomping at the bit for her Easter dress pattern to arrive. You making any more doll dresses yet?

Kristen on 12:25 PM said...

love the doll dresses!


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