Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ten years gone

This picture was taken on my twentieth birthday: December 5, 1999.

You may notice that the date was exactly ten years ago today. Yep, it's my thirtieth birthday. Now, being that I'm a woman, this is supposed to be one of those dreaded milestones. I have to say, though, I think I've gotten my money's worth out of my twenties. Let's take a look at the last third of my life, shall we?

  • Age 20: When this picture was taken, I had just changed my major to chemistry a few months before, I still wore glasses, and I had very recently broken up with the last boy I ever dated and didn't marry. Within two months of this photo, I had switched to contact lenses and started dating Matt.
  • Age 21: Got married. Bought my first non-rusty car, got a job in a lab, met my in-laws, started scrapbooking, and graduated from college (eventually).
  • Age 22: Got pregnant with Betsy and got laid off from my job a few months later. Oh well, that gave me more time to look at garage sales for baby stuff. We bought our first house in November of that year.
  • Age 23: Umm, became a mother.
  • Age 24: Started working for the online tutoring company that I am still with, five years later. Got in a car accident & wrecked the Taurus - bought a minivan, which is what I've wanted ever since I was a teenager. Matt turned 30 and I found out I was pregnant with Porter the next day.
  • Age 25: Had Porter and served in the Relief Society presidency.
  • Age 26: Sold our first house and moved into our current place which is much, much bigger. Wrote my first piece of fan fiction, started my blog, bought a sewing machine, and had a scrapbook page published for the first time.
  • Age 27: Found out I was pregnant with Amy, went to Disneyworld, and taught seminary.
  • Age 28: Matt lost his job a month or two after my birthday. Thought we were moving to Utah, then didn't. Paid through the nose for COBRA. Actually went into labor on my own and gave birth to what I didn't realize at the time would be my last baby. Upgraded my sewing machine. Got a full-time job for the first time in years. Spent a lot of time pumping.
  • Age 29: Got sacked from my job and enjoyed being home with my kids again. Bought a serger.
  • Age 30: Wrote this blog entry.

3 witty remarks on "Ten years gone"

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th!!!! Love and miss ya lots..hugs and kisses to all!! <3 Trish

SlyGly on 11:08 AM said...

Fascinating post; I didn't know most of this stuff! Happy birthday!

Kristen on 6:59 PM said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope your month is going well!


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