Sunday, August 10, 2008

Greasy food and goats

Must be State Fair time again!
We've done the fair so many times now that Matt and I don't even need to look at a map or consult each other to plan out the day. It goes: kill time in Pioneer Village until Little Hands opens; Little Hands on the Farm; the rest of Riley Fun Park; mini golf in the FFA building; look at fish in the DNR building; ride a midway ride or two; eat some greasetacular foods for lunch; Mom hits the used book sale in the Home and Family Arts building; then the animal barns and finally the exhibits in the Grand Hall.

We sure do love us some fair food. Elephant ears, cheese fries, pulled pork and as always the delicious milkshakes from the Dairy Bar (which are only $2.50 and worth every brain-freezin' penny).

New this year, Porter got to go on a ride with Dad, and Betsy is big enough to ride all by herself. We let each of the kids choose one - Porter went with the bumblebees while Betsy chose the faux-hot-air-balloons before we even got there (don't ask me how she remembered them from last year). Because the tickets are only sold in fours, Betsy got to go on the bees too. Yes, this is fundamentally unfair; fortunately, Porter hasn't cottoned on to the fact yet.

Also, this year I availed myself of the 'Lactation Stations' thoughtfully provided by the Indiana Milk Bank and La Leche people. They set up a few tents scattered around the fairground with fans (although it wasn't too hot yesterday - I think it only got up to 82) and a changing table and rocking chairs and FREE BOTTLED WATER, because as you may or may not know, nursing makes a person KILLER THIRSTY. And while I'm not shy about nursing my baby wherever it needs to be done, I do appreciate the thought. Although I still think that they need one inside of the Dairy Barn.

I let Amy have a few tastes of vanilla milkshake - she really seemed to like it.

I always look forward to the used book sale - I have no idea who sponsors it or whom it benefits, but there's always a smallish room full of shelves and it's a quarter for paperbacks, fifty cents for hardbacks. I always find something good - I've gotten Hannah Fowler and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and All The Trouble In The World and a lot of neat vintage sewing books. (I seem to have inadvertently started collecting old sewing books - goes along nicely with my old chemistry books. Or actually, has nothing at all to do with my old chemistry books.) This year I found the 1960s revision of a really cool 1950s sewing book that I got last year, and also The Bishop Method. And some novels which I'll read at work, although I'm only four chapters into Breaking Dawn so I really have no business reading anything else (except for the scriptures OF COURSE.)

I also got A LOT of scrapbooking done this weekend. Only for some reason Blogger won't let me add any more images to this post, so you'll have to wait on my creative genius. I think we're getting a new scanner later this week, anyway, so I will have lots of pages to share!

5 witty remarks on "Greasy food and goats"

mom said...

You got a Bishop Method book? SCORE!!!!!! I wouldn't even know if our state fair has used books, we haven't gone since y'all older kids were younger.

Glad you had much fun.

Disney Scrapper on 9:26 PM said...

Hey is that a new hairdo?

Laura M on 10:25 PM said...

i could only load 4 images per post last week. haven't finished reading eclipse yet, so don't spoil anything! oh yeah, and go team jacob!

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 11:00 AM said...

I love the hair (from what I can see of it!). I absolutely cannot wait to come see you guys at the end of September!!!! Amy will be soo different looking! And, hopefully Gavin will be walking by himself, so he could hold his own against Porter.

Catherine on 12:20 AM said...

I want to see your new haircut. From the two pictures where your head is SORT OF showing, I actually...sort of like it. You actually (and don't tell this to anyone) look quite pretty in that last one of you with the Bets and Potter. Although you also look startlingly like me at that angle, only more pointy, sorry.

Heh, heh. My word is "Ubmann." Mayonnaise or wart-cream? Who can tell?


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